Treating the Whole You

Hello! Are you ready to take

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thriving level?

My Name is Claudia...

...and I work with you one on one to get you back to feeling perfect health in three primary domains - Mind, Body and Soul! Book your free introductory appointment with me today.

Relax The Mind

Experience and gain the expertise of the power of Mindfulness, meditation, and the Law of Attraction.

Living stress free, clear, and confident. Creating balance, peace, and joy.

Learn the tools that allow you to experience life with clarity and confidence. Live through the day

with passion; and sleep like a baby at night. Rise above all circumstances and remain completely at peace, grounded and happy. Conquer the monkey mind and know you are never alone as you shift from surviving to thriving at life.

Optimize Your Body

The goal: to live at peak performance with energy and vitality.

When The body relaxes, it heals itself. Learn the tools to nourish, support and re-connect with your body. Kinesiology/ Body talk, and NLP techniques allow us to love up on our body.

Understanding and supporting the distinct aspects of our body and we restore homeostasis and naturally feel energized.

Enrich The Soul

A life where there is no more suffering. Align with your vision and mission and experience what it is like to have your spirit soar.

We are energetic beings, and our soul has a journey to experience. We are all meant to discover our inner truth, to thrive and create

happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Connect to your soul- and know who you are, and your purpose will emerge as well as the ability to have your dreams become a reality.

You Landed Here Because...

You’ve always known you were a little different. But we stopped believing that was a bad thing long ago. They taught you to second-guess yourself at every turn. To forget what you know and embrace what you’ve been told. To live up to their expectations … not your potential. You’ve been taught to hide your gifts away and ignore your intuition in exchange for approval … To stay small (i.e. safe) in a world that fears your greatness.

  • Stripping away your illusions so you can see yourself, your relationships, even your career with no sense of blame, shame or guilt – just the clarity to take inspired action. Healing your inner child, her wounds & scars.
  • Helping you navigate the emotionally charged waters of love and money with more grace, ease and understanding than you ever thought possible.
  • Allowing you to make decisions from a powerful place of knowing – rather than a place of fear or uncertainty.
  • Precisely honing in on your karmic agreements, soul contracts and spiritual gifts so you can overcome your challenges with greater insight – and fewer missteps

Maybe I am the perfect coach at the right time...

Overcoming limiting fears

Understand challenging relationships

Heal emotional and spiritual pain

Clear karmic debts

Find lasting love

Make meaningful career moves

Break through money blocks

Feel perfect health

What My Clients Are Saying...

"Claudia is a remarkable healer. She approached me with an amazing intuition, knowledge-base and great wisdom and she delivered amazing

healing energy. I am trained in allopathic medicine (M.D.) so my

understanding of the principles of Reiki is somewhat limited and I was

skeptical. My prior experience with Reiki was also anything but good. With

Claudia, I may not understand much of what she does but I know that she is

working earnestly on my behalf (also as a great life coach) and you just can't

argue with results!"

Geoffrey C.

"I cannot imagine a more perfect guide for teaching reiki than Claudia. Her knowledge of the subject combined with her education as a biomedical electrical engineer

gave me more than I ever could have imagined. Her enthusiasm and joyfulness were the icing of the cake. I look forward to continuing my journey with her ☀️"

Nina N.

"Meeting with Claudia has been in one word, MAGICAL! Her personality is very warm and inviting so right from the start you can feel it's going to be a great session with her! I learned some techniques on how to breathe and meditate, which let's face it, is

extremely hard to do on your own for the first time... our minds are always

wandering! She helped me focus on the things that matter and how to change my thinking on some things that were just weighing me down. She even opened up my closed chakras in just one session and it felt amazing! "

Raquel A.

A Little about myself...

Claudia Marrero has dedicated her life to the world of transformation and elevating consciousness. She is a catalyst and magnifying glass for people’s “higher gifts” to expand; allowing you the ability to create and manifest Peace, Happiness and Self-Fulfillment.

Her grandmother read tea-leaves, her mother had prognosticating dreams. Her young mother left all family in Colombia and moved to NY. Claudia grew up an only child yet never felt alone. Claudia was aware of her angelic and spirit animal realm. Animals would follow her home and stay around.

In her pursuit to understand how the world works, she became a Biomedical Electrical Engineer. This later was a perfect bridge to understanding the Quantum/Metaphysical and spiritual realm. She was highly successful being the only female field engineer in the Northeast. Working in the medical industry, she was inspired to become a health coach and help others how to prevent and optimize their health. Her success reached a limit and a sense of imbalance and unhappiness set in. She discovered that Knowing the Body and the Mind was not enough. As an adult she had forgotten her original connection to Spirit and had dismissed her childhood experiences as her imagination.

Her son’s ability to see auras reconnected her to the Spiritual domain and now with her intuition and wisdom brings enchantment to how amazing this life can be. She studied under several world masters, and Shamans. Always the scientist, she participated as a Reiki master for a Harvard Reiki research study. Claudia

loves bringing proof and credibility to these healing and energetic modalities.  

Satisfying her and her students’ ego, with the science and universal laws, she creates the space for extremely powerful breakthroughs for her clients and amazing healers. She is a Reiki master Teacher, Certified Angel Messenger

Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Ontological Life Coach, & Life Style Trainer. She’s teaches Universal Law, & ACIM. Using a variety of both scientific and spiritual modalities she allows you to discover your inner guidance system with safety and confidence. Her clients and students feel refreshed, empowered and magical!

Let's Spend Some Time Together

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Relax Your Mind

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Enrich Your Soul